The modern plant and equipment of Helsingin Levytyö enable flexible production and carrying out tailor-made dimensions and individual designs.

Fiber laser BySprint Fiber








  • Maximum size of sheet 1500 x 3000. Maximum thicknesses of the materials to be cut by the laser:
  • Fe 8 mm
  • Stainless steel/acid-proof steel 6 mm
  • Aluminium 5 mm
  • Brass 4 mm
  • Copper 3 mm


Turret punch press Finnpower A5-25


Turret punch press Finnpower A5-25






  • Sheet size: The largest plate to be driven 1250 x 3000
  • Materials: All steels, light metals, copper, brass, plastics


Press brake Trumpf V1300

Press brake Trumpf V1300








  • Squaring length: 3240
  • Compression power: 130 tons


Press brake Trumpf 3120

  • Squaring length: 3100
  • Compression power: 120 tons


Press brake LVD

  • Squaring length: 1250
  • Compression power: 25 tons


MIG welding, TIG welding and tungsten inert gas welding

Plate rolls 1.25/1250 ja 3.0/1040

Notching machine 30-120 decrees

Hydraulic hole punching machines

Upright drills

Resistance spot-welding machines


Bending machines