In addition to the standard solutions we can make tailor-made packaging machines for our customers. We try to find the best solution for each customer, even if the packaging of the products seems challenging. The packing machines can be made of structural steel or of stainless steel. Our service comprises of, beside sorters and groupers, also the possibility to attach the packing machine to the production line. Our machines are manufactured in our factory in Helsinki and sold to the end customers without any intermediaries.


Our service repertoire:

  • Designing of machines and production lines
  • Manufacturing of machines and production lines
  • Installation, maintenance and after-sales service
  • Spare part kits


Packing machines and accessories for wood industry

If you need a packing machine for planed timber, parquet, panelling or maybe mouldings or laths, we can offer our standard packing machines KSU-600 PTK40 or KSU-600 PTK 60, which are perfectly suited to packing these materials. If our standard machines for some reason are not suitable for packing your products, we can make a tailor-made machine.
In addition to the packing machines for kitchen fittings and glued laminated timber sheets we manufacture also stacking devices, conveyors and roller lines as bespoke projects.



Packing machines and accessories for other industrial branches

If you need a packing machine for beverages, groceries, pharmaceutical products, magazines or e.g. cosmetics, we can meet your demand. Our direct input shrink wrap machines guarantee that you can pack your products successfully. We manufacture the shrink wrap machines almost always tailor-made.
Accessories, for instance, product groupers, conveyors and product lines are manufactured on project-specific demand. With high-quality components, the highly professional quality of our work, combined with our flexible service are the premises for realizing a successful project.



Special packing machines

Helsingin Levytyö also manufactures special packing machines in order to pack products which have unusual dimensions. Contact us without hesitation to let us together determine the best solution for your requirements.

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