Professional and high quality HLT floor hatches are suitable for indoor use.  Hatches’s load capacity is 1,5kN.  The 300 x 300 mm hatch is fitted with fastening screws and larger hatches are fitted with handles (as in the picture). These sealed hatches are not completely waterproof.


lattialuukku-rst lattialuukku-mitat

Measures A x B (mm)MaterialSurface finishProduct no.
300 x 300Stainless steelGrinded (brushed)HLT30RST
450 x 450Stainless steelGrinded (brushed)HLT45RST
600 x 600Stainless steelGrinded (brushed)HLT60RST


lattialuukku-rst lattialuukku-mitat

Measures A x B (mm)MaterialSurface finishProduct no.
300 x 300Hot-dip galvanizedGalvanizedHLT30ZN
450 x 450Hot-dip galvanizedGalvanizedHLT45ZN
600 x 600Hot-dip galvanizedGalvanizedHLT60ZN


lattialuukku-alumiini lattialuukku-mitat

Measures A x B (mm)MaterialSurface finishProduct no.
300 x 300Aluminium/ Hot-dip galvanizedPatternedHLT30AL
450 x 450Aluminium/ Hot-dip galvanizedPatternedHLT45AL
600 x 600Aluminium/ Hot-dip galvanizedPatternedHLT60AL